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Midas & Co S.R.L. was founded in 1993 with mixed Romanian-German capital.

During these years, through a high-performing management, important human resources and investments were put into use, which, together with a permanent technology, led to the company’s placement in a good position on the market in Romania and Europe. Under the quality standard ISO 9001, Midas & Co produces components, subassemblies and complex electronic devices, design works, automations..

The subassemblies executed on demand are harmoniously integrated into the production plan, thus offering good flexibility in contracts with all partners.

The evolution of the turnover, the volume of works and the reference list of clients, confirmed the good adaptation of the conditions in Romania to the high-level needs of the EU.

The collaboration with university centers led to the appearance of original solutions patented and awarded medals at international fairs and exhibitions (Bucharest 2003, Moscow 2004).

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